Download & Install the client

Go to the OpenVPN’s Community Downloads page, and download the version appropriate to your version of Windows.

Once downloaded, install the OpenVPN Client.  Confirm any User Account Control prompts you receive.

Double click the OpenVPN installer. You will be presented with the Welcome to OpenVPN Setup Wizard welcome screen.

Click Next

Agree to the OpenVPN End User License Agreement

Select the components to install. If you are not sure then install the default selection.

Choose the installation folder. Normally you will leave this as the default C:\Program Files\OpenVPN.
Click Install

The OpenVPN installer will then present a rapidly scrolling screen of information. Unless there is an issue you can safely ignore this.

Untick the Show Readme (unless you want to read it), and click Finish.

You OpenVPN Client is now installed.

You will now have the OpenVPN GUI icon on your desktop.

Right click on the icon and select Properties

Next select Compatibility

Under Compatibility tick the box Run this program as an administrator.
Click OK.

And we’re done! Your OpenVPN Client has been installed and is ready to be configured.

Learn How To: Configure an OpenVPN Client