TeamViewer is a great program receiving remote assistance when you are out of your depth and need a helping hand. It allows another party to access your desktop as if they were sitting in front of it. This mean that so long as you have an internet connection you can get assistance (if you have an issue with your internet check out the Internet Troubleshooting Guide).

First thing to do is navigate to using your favourite internet browser, here we are using chrome. Click on the Download for free button.

This will then automatically start the download of the TeamViewer_Setup.exe file. Once completed Chrome will warn you that the file may be harmful as ask whether you want to keep it or not. Choose Keep.

If the file doesn’t download automatically select the direct download link and Chrome will download the file.

After you have chosen to Keep the file the icon changes to Click on it.

You will then be prompted with the TeamViewer installation window. Leave the settings on default and click Accept – finish. If you are using this for commercial purposes then you choose the corresponding option and click Accept – finish.

If your UAC has not been disabled you will be presented with a security warning. Choose Run.

The Teamviewer installer will run rapidly through the installation process and then close. If it runs into any issues it will show the issue in a pop-up, common issues will be handled in a separate tutorial.

If you check your desktop you should see your TeamViewer icon.

Double click the icon to run TeamViewer. You will then be presented with the launch window.

Give the person assisting you Your ID under the Allow Remote Control section as well as the Password.

And that’s it! You are now ready to receive assistance remotely.